Charlie’s Busted Insults Leave Matt Fuming

Former Busted star Matt Willis spoke with The Mirror about the rudeness displayed by his former bandmate Charlie Simpson in breaking up the band to start and then calling his time with Busted “torture”. “We were in the band for five years, and it’s insulting to our fans who spent money following us around, buying our music and voting for us to win awards,” Willis said. “It’s out of order. People say I shouldn’t say anything but when I read all the things he says about us, I get really angry. I haven’t got anything against his new band but it wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for us. I texted Charlie and left loads of messages a while ago and he didn’t get back to me, so I just thought fu** you. Then out of the blue about two weeks ago I got a text from him asking how I was. So I guess we’re cool, but James [Bourne] is the one who’s still one of my best mates.”

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