Charlie Simpson & Emma Griffiths Will Have Matt Willis Seeing Red

The Sun reports frontman Charlie Simpson appeared to have betrayed his former Busted bandmate Matt Willis after the Kerrang! Awards on Thursday night, putting his hands all over Matt’s girlfriend Emma Griffiths – who was doing little to resist his advances. “It was about 1am. They were both hammered but were cuddled up in a corner together whispering,” an onlooker a the secret after-show bash at the trendy K West hotel revealed. “They were very touchy-feely. Charlie stroked Emma’s face and tried to go in for the kill but Emma turned away. When a few girl fans diverted Charlie’s attention, though, Emma started stroking his backside to get his attention. Charlie then dragged her away from the crowd and stopped her in the stairwell and asked her, ‘Why are you still going out with Matt?'” Emma shrugged and after a few moments they went back to join pals. Emma then dragged him off to lie on a couch, while Charlie groped her bum and she nuzzled his neck. The full story and pictures at has since been removed.

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