Chad Kroeger & Ryan Peake Visit ‘The Hour’

Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake of appeared on ‘The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos’ on CBC. The Canadian rockers talked about life after getting a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame, working with Mutt Lange on ‘Dark Horse’ as he was going through a divorce, Chad building a hockey rink in his basement, hanging with Kid Rock in Detroit, Ryan getting grief from Chad about fashion, and how success doesn’t play a role in their ability to stay together. Watch the interview below.

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One thought on “Chad Kroeger & Ryan Peake Visit ‘The Hour’

  1. Robin Shirley Lebeau says:

    I hope you guys stay as a group forever. I went to your concert for the first time and I had a blast and thank you Ryan for waving at me.

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