Chad Kroeger Issues Fight Challenge

Rolling Stone spoke with frontman Chad Kroeger who when asked who he hated replied, “Matthew Good.” Explaining further, Chad said, “He’s a Canadian artist who sells hundreds of thousands of records in Canada but couldn’t sell sh** in America, and since his fellow Canadian band went down to America and worked their asses off and did sell records, he thought it’d be OK to take some cheap shots at us. It’s pathetic. Once you come to America and sell a million records in two months, suddenly you’re a bad guy, a Creed rip-off.” As for what he’d do if he met up with him, Chad adds, “When you talk sh** about somebody from a small town, they find you in a back alley and they deal with the situation. They beat the living piss out of you and then laugh at you the next day when you’re seen around town all marked up.”

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4 thoughts on “Chad Kroeger Issues Fight Challenge

  1. Garbage says:

    Who cares, both bands suck!

  2. Mouth says:

    Matt Good sucks so much, like who names an album “Vancouver”?

  3. Totally says:

    Like totally, I haven’t heard of a worse album title, other than St. Anger of course.

  4. Jim says:

    I think it’s kind of funny that these people are ripping on bands over something that was written nearly EIGHT YEARS ago.

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