Certain People I Know Self-Titled Debut Out Soon

Certain People I Know

Certain People I Know is the latest project fronted by the legendary Bob Nanna. The Chicago band’s previous works include Braid, Hey Mercedes, The City on Film, and The Bomb. This band picks up where Hey Mercedes left off, while still bringing their own unique sound. The band is rounded out by Damon Atkinson, Jeff Dean, Lauren LoPiccolo, and Matt Schuessler.

Certain People I Know’s self-titled LP will be available soon on Count Your Lucky Stars via vinyl, CD, and digitally, and can be pre-ordered at cylsrecords.com now. Check out the track listing of the album below.

Certain People I Know

Certain People I Know EP Track Listing:
1. Neverlasting
2. Our Lady of Guadalupe
3. Strongsuit
4. All You Gotta Do Is Show
5. NYE
6. King of Shots
7. Rowdy / Pivotal
8. Make It Up
9. How Was The Show? (Politics)

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