Cecille Gahr Discusses Her Fling With Kid Rock

Cecille Gahr, star of CW’s ‘Beauty and the Geek’, spoke with Chaunce Hayden of Steppin’ Out magazine about her run-in with . “He was checking me out and asked if I wanted to go to Wayne Newton’s house with him in this amazing low-rider car,” Gahr explained. “Wayne had penguins and weird monkey things at his house. [Kid] said, ‘I’m actually going on tour. Would you want to hang out?'” It took her weeks to say yes, and when she did, Kid promptly picked her up in his jet. Asked why did took so long for her to accept the offer, she responded, “He was so nice and so polite, but I wasn’t even sure who he was, to be honest. I knew the ‘Cowboy’ song, but that was it.”

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