C.C. DeVille On Why He Got Clean

Classic Rock Revisited caught up with C.C. DeVille for a Q&A and asked the Poison guitarist why he decided to quit abusing alcohol. “I found myself driving in a blackout and I hit four parked cars,” he revealed. “I totaled out my car and the police found me crawling two blocks away. They got me for DUI with an accident and hit and run. The next day I checked myself in. There could have very well been a family in one of those cars. Could you imagine the feeling I would have if I had killed people because I couldn’t hold my liquor? Could you imagine ever looking anyone in the eye again? All because I couldn’t stop drinking? If I didn’t see the cars then I obviously wouldn’t have seen a human being. It is just by coincidence that I am not a killer — I could have been a killer. I was lucky that I got in enough trouble to wake myself up but not enough trouble that I had to live with the fact that I killed someone for the rest of my life.”

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