Cave In Deal With Being On Major Label

After Cave In were anointed by many critics as the next big thing and handpicked by Foo Fighter Dave Grohl for an opening spot on his band’s European tour, there were high expectations for Cave In—expectations that haven’t necessarily been met. And as part of a multinational conglomerate, they may have been overlooked in favor of the next next big thing. “It’s just weird dealing with so many different people that kind of have their hands in the pot, and kind of want their two cents in, and they kind of want their fingerprints on what you’ve done,” bassist Caleb Scofield says of the major label experience. But all those qualifiers are indicative of the ambivalence he feels toward the industry. “We’ve been really fortunate,” he told Josh Bell of Las Vegas Weekly. “We’ve been able to travel the world because we’ve been able to have tour support, and we don’t have to work day jobs and stuff now.”

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