Pete Doherty Finally Gets Put In Jail

The Sun reports Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty’s luck finally ran out after a string of arrests on drug charges. Pete was handed a 14 weeks jail stint by District Judge Davinder Lachhar for flouting terms of a suspended sentence. “Pete obviously didn’t want to go to prison but he was philosophical. He’s not an angel,” Doherty’s lawyer Sean Curran said. “He accepts the order of the court. He’ll be back.” Read more.

Vince Neil Insists On Spotless Ferrari

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil was eyed cleaning his Ferrari with “his trusty dusting wand” at the driveway of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, according to a New York Post spy. “He spent several minutes scurrying around the car, hair flying, making sure there was not a speck of dust on the paint. Call me crazy, but I would have taken care of that before I left home this morning, perhaps paid a valet to take care of it.”

Pete Wentz Reveals Suicide Attempt

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz tells mtvU he once was so “completely lost and out of control” he tried to commit suicide. “I got in my car. I remember I was listening to Jeff Buckley doing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and sat there and took a bunch of [anxiety drug] Ativan in a Best Buy parking lot,” the 28-year-old explained. “And I called up my manager because I was, at that point, completely out of my head with Ativan. And I was talking to him and I was slurring my words, so he called my mom and my mom called me and she came and got me and we went to the hospital.” Wentz, who is participating in the Jed Foundation’s Half Of Us campaign, said he’s coming forward to encourage young people seek out professional help.

The Raconteurs Releasing Spring Second Album For Release Next Tuesday

The Raconteurs are set to release their second album ‘Consolers of the Lonely’ on March 25th, even though the group completed the disc only earlier this month. “The purpose: to get the album to the fans as soon as possible and as we promised,” the band said in a posting on their MySpace on Monday (June 17). “We wanted to get this record to fans, the press, radio, etc., all at the EXACT SAME TIME so that no one has an upper hand on anyone else regarding it’s availability, reception or perception.”

The band added that the quick release allowed the Jack White led group to avoid “the usual months of lead time for press and radio set up, as well as forgoing the all important ‘first week sales’. We wanted to explore the idea of releasing an album everywhere at once and THEN marketing and promoting it thereafter. The Raconteurs would rather this release not be defined by it’s first weeks sales, pre-release promotion, or by someone defining it FOR YOU before you get to hear it.” Read more.

Coldplay To Earn $2.4 Million For Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival

The Sun reports Coldplay are set to net $2.4 million for a 75-minute gig in Japan in August for the Summer Sonic Festival. “They say there is no money left in the industry but this shows the cash is still there for the top acts,” an industry insider said. “It’s like football or any big business. The little people feel the pinch but the big boys get richer.” Coldplay are set to release a new album in June. Read more.

Duncan Lloyd Previews Maximo Park’s Third Album

Maximo Park guitarist Duncan Lloyd spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine about the group’s efforts to make sure their third album will be distinguished from their previous effort ‘Our Earthly Pleasures’ and their debut ‘A Certain Trigger’. “We are aware of what we’ve done before and we try not to repeat ourselves,” he explained. “We were a bit more punk on the first record and there was more melody on the second [record]. But this next one is going to be more intricate, more diverse and different… that’s one way to put it, I suppose.” The article at has since been removed.

Robbie Carrico Denies Having A Wig, Defends His Rock Cred

Ousted ‘American Idol’ rocker Robbie Carrico spoke with People magazine about claims on the internet that he may be wearing a wig. “I’ve been growing this hair for a very long time,” Carrico said. “It’s ridiculous that [the media] have to come up with something like that.” As for questions about his authenticity as a rock musician, given his prior history as a member of the pop group Boyz N Girlz United, Carrico said he’s since paid his dues. “I’ve spent the past six years working my tail off in grungy bars and pulling our own trailer with our own equipment loading it in and out and living from a van sometimes, doing all the grunt work,” Carrico remarked. Read more.

Jin Answers Fan Questions

Jin checked in with a video on his YouTube channel, where the rapper dined at the Palace Diner and answered questions from fans. Asked if he was retiring, Jin brought up his ‘I Quit’ track which prompted the speculation. He also talked about parting ways with Ruff Ryders in 2005 on good terms, tour plans, plans to release his new album ‘Birthdays, Funerals And Things In Between’ later this year, that it’s really him replying on MySpace, and his belief that fame is an illusion. YouTube has since removed the video.

Marc Orrell Exits Dropkick Murphys

Marc Orrell announced that he is leaving Dropkick Murphys to fans on the ban’s mailing list. Orrell writes:

Dear DKM friends & fans,

You may have heard some talk that I am going to stop playing with the Dropkick Murphys. I wanted to confirm that the rumors are true and I am leaving the band. I’m very grateful for everything playing with DKM has brought me and I’m sad to be going but I feel like the time has come for me to try working on different styles of music and some of my own projects, I’m ready to spread my wings as they say.

I’ve been pickin’, ticklin’, strummin’, squeezin’, crashin’, trashin’ and smashin’ with the Dropkicks for many years and am proud to have been a part of all the achievements and success we’ve had. However the greatest achievement of all has been the friends I’ve made and the people I’ve met along the way. Everyone has always supported me and the rest of the guys 100% in everything we’ve done which makes my leaving all the more difficult.

Simple Plan Premiere ‘When I’m Gone’ Video On ‘TRL’

Simple Plan stopped by MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ in New York City to premiere their new video for ‘When I’m Gone’ on Thursday (January 10). Singer Pierre Bouvier said, “The video was finally done this morning, actually. So right in time for the premiere, and it looks great.” YouTube removed the video after MTV went overboard and claimed a copyright.