Kid Rock And Scott Stapp Sex Tape Emerges

A brief clip previewing a sex tape featuring former Creed singer Scott Stapp and Kid Rock having fun with groupies (separately) has been made available. Watch the 50-second clip, without nudity (though probably not safe for work), at

Alex Band Deals With Senior Groupies

The Calling rock with frontman Alex Band

The Calling frontman Alex Band tells The New York Post that while he was performing at China Club last week, “a 55-year-old woman grabbed me and tried to, like, molest me — she tried to make out with me. I fought her off! [The fan] was very drunk and tried to take advantage of me.” Band is married to actress Jennifer Sky.

Black Sabbath Got All Types Of VD From Groupies

More excerpts from Sue Crawford’s book ‘Ozzy Unauthorized’ which is due out June 24th. Crawford quotes Ozzy talking about the effects of he and Black Sabbath’s run-ins with groupies saying, “The groupies knew more about our tour itineraries than we did and we suffered the results.” The results? “We got clap, crabs, all sorts. Then we had to go through the cures, which were worse than the disease,” he exclaimed.

Groupie Fumes Over Being Secretly Videotaped Having Sex

A poster on the message boards tells readers that she isn’t a fan of Alice in Chains after her friend saw on videotape someone he knew having sex with a member of the band without her knowledge or consent. Later on he spoke with the friend and confirmed that she did, indeed, sleep with the guy. She was really embarrassed to find out he’d taped it and was showing it to the rest of the world. The incident allegedly took place around 10 years ago. has since removed the thread.

Fan Reveals Scott Stapp Shower ‘Ritual’

A poster on the CreedTalk message boards shared her story from a Creed concert in Boston, where she and a girlfriend were backstage at a Creed show. The woman’s friend was asked to come to Scott Stapp’s dressing room where he proceeded to ‘offer’ the woman – who was seeking an autograph for her kids – the privilege to gratify him orally. Unfortunately the thread was deleted, ironically just after the person who submitted this news item to us posted that this site was spying on the CreedTalk message board.

Groupies Speculate On Gay Slipknot Member

Apparently an issue of Kerrang! magazine featuring Slipknot had the clown say that one of the guys is gay. This admission, which he could have been joking about, has women at buzzing. ‘Well’ wrote after some speculated it was Joey, “There are a lot of rumors going around, who knows what is true. The wardrobe girl is having to travel with
the band in Europe instead of the crew, so, the statement that she is dating Joey may not be true.” has since removed the thread.

Debate On System Of A Down’s Love For Groupies

Women on discussed the feelings System of a Down have for groupies. While many of the band’s lyrics criticize the lifestyle, most on the board insist they do enjoy “the company of attractive women.” To see of of the comments, click here.

Groupies Dish Dirt On Limp Bizkit’s Durst & Otto

Women on gossiped about the sexual doings of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst with mixed feelings about the singer. ‘S’ wrote, “Fred Durst is a dirty old man who preys on underage girls who are too young to even know how to spell naivety!” As for stats, an unnamed person wrote, “Fred can be a real jackass, but his [penis] isn’t small. He’s average.” Most interesting though was a post by someone using the moniker of porn star Kobe Tai, who wrote extensively about a one night stand with John Otto which was credited to being the last straw in his marriage. has since removed the posting.

Porn Star Reveals Who She’s Done & Who She Likes

Metal Sludge spoke with porn star Kendra Jade to get her thoughts on her favorite music from the past year. Kendra said, “I REALLY REALLY love System Of a Down. Toxicity is my new Favorite album. It’s one of the few CD’s I can actually listen to all the way thru. And I also really enjoy Disturbed’s album as well. Besides that, I would say it’s been a kinda lame year in music!” Kendra denied ever having sex with Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, or Kid Rock. Of the latter, Kendra blasted his girlfriend Pamela Anderson saying, “Hell no, he’s all used up now that Pam has had him.” Read more.

Gene Simmons Talks Groupies

Rita Zekas of The Toronto Star spoke with KISS frontman Gene Simmons about his legendary sexual history and chain of groupies. Gene said, “We all picked up guitars because we all wanted to get laid. Plain and simple.” Simmons revealed his instructions to event bodyguards, “After the show bring me the girl in the 14th seat, third row.” It was “wham, bam, thank you ma’am,” followed by the requisite commemorative photo of the girl. has since removed the article.