Caught With A Pencil In The Privates

Some have suggested that the following blind item from the New York Post earlier this month was the late Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley and MTV’s Tabitha Soren. It asked, “Which former MTV ingenue is still the ‘butt’ of jokes at the network? MTV moles are still snickering about the time an intern walked in on the broadcast babe letting a grunge rocker violate her with a pencil.”

Married Heavy-Metal Rocker Is Flashing The Maid

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca has a juicy blind item about a “crooning member of one of rock’s most celebrated heavy-metal bands has a thing for showing off a little somethin'” – well that something is his entire naked body to his maid. Well, the maid had a problem with this repeatedly happening and quit her cleaning duties for the family.

Star Blind Item Sounds Familiar

Newly engaged Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale immediately spring to mind for this week’s Star blind item – but who’s the rock legend? The item reads, “This rock ‘n’ roll dream girl professes to be madly in love with her singing boyfriend, and they’re planning a future together. But behind his back she’s having a hot secret affair with a rock legend. The aging rocker’s a lot older, but she’s been a big fan since she was a kid and can’t resist the opportunity to get next to her childhood hero. They’ve been seen out together, but always pretend to be with the other people. Behind closed doors their steamy affair continues, and the legend can’t resist bragging to his pals that he’s still got what it takes.”

Not So Clean & Sober Rock Star On Crack At Orgy

A very juicy blind item in this week’s Star Hollywood Whodunit which says, “This rock star led a highly publicized life of drugs and legal problems. He claims to be clean and sober now, but he’s far from it. He carries around a MAC makeup case bulging with drugs and paraphernalia. At a recent low-life party, he was guzzling rum and cokes and smoking crack in the middle of an orgy. He finally retired to the bathroom because the naked people were getting in the way of his consumption. Oddly enough, he’s bragging that publishers are begging him to write a book about how he turned his life around.”