Brits Band More Interested In Powder Than Champagne

A Brit Awards blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which band were more interested in getting their hands on some marching powder than the free champagne on offer at an after-show party? The supercharged act left the venue several times to meet up with their dealer.”

Rockers Mistime Bedwetting

The Mirror’s blind item asks, “Which liberty-taking rockers trashed a hotel room and peed on their beds in an immature attempt to seem oh-so-rock and roll? The only problem was they’d got their check-out days mixed up, and sheepishly had to clear up the mess themselves so ‘our manager didn’t get find out.’ Very rebellious.”

Comic Musician Sucks Units With Stylist

A blind item in asks, “A Manhattan stylist has been telling friends about the night he sucked co**s with a weighty alternative comedian/musician. Guess who?”

Band’s Married Frontman Cheats On Wife

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which long-married band front man recently strayed while his missus was away? Despite having a stunning wife he snogged a brunette model in a trendy New York nightclub and then took her back to his hotel. Not a very romantic thing to do.”

Rehab’ed Rocker Back On Drugs

A blind item in Star magazine says, “This rock star’s bad habits almost killed him once. Even though he’s been through rehab, he’s indulging again and his remaining friends fear he has a death wish.”

Rocker Apologetic About His Tiny Package

A blind item in the New York Post asks, “Which heartthrob rock singer has a tiny secret? His ‘package’ is so small, he spends a good deal of the ‘seduction’ time apologizing for his underwhelming equipment.”

Wild Man Of Rock Is Still Fond Of The Narcotics

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which wild man of rock is still fond of the narcotics, despite revelling in his new family man image? The man-in-question, who is nicknamed ‘Lou’ by his fruity lady, annoyed her by sniffing his mate charlie in a pub the other night. Naughty boy.”

Aging Rocker Not Satisfied With Ultra Cool Lady

A blind item in the Sunday Mirror asks, “Aging rocker ??????? ???????? obviously isn’t satisified with his ultra cool lady. When he’s out of her range he can’t help himself but try it on with even younger lovelies. His favourite trick for luring them into his bedroom is to take them designer shopping. But the last young duo ??????? tried that with took the outfits – then ran before he could pin them down, so to speak.”