Cartel Answer Fan Questions On Twitter


A member of answered dozens of fan questions on their Twitter page (@cartelcartel) on Friday (July 9) “till my phones dead or my service cuts out”. Among them:

“@JefferyShin: @cartelcartel Do you like Justin Bieber?” – uhm.. publicly no.
“@eiggam07: @cartelcartel do you like paramore? fave song?” – love em. misery business probably.
“@taylorlayouts: @cartelcartel why are you guys SO hott?!” – ask our parents?
“@shlbydwn: @cartelcartel What is one thing you love about GA?” – girls with southern accents.
“@heycarissaa: @cartelcartel if you could only live with 3 things, what would they be?” – a computer, a power source, internet.
“@JSBN: @cartelcartel Who’s got the biggest package of the band? Anyone miss their calling as a porn star? haha” – yes. gonna have to figure that one out on your own. lol.

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