Cannibal Corpse Bassist Explains Why Bogota Show Was Cut Short

bassist Alex Webster issued the following clarification regarding the band’s abbreviated performance in Bogota, Colombia on Friday (August 17):

“OK, I’m posting this blog to help clear up any confusion about our Colombian concert which was shut down by the police. During the concert I was very sick and had to leave the stage twice to deal with the physical problems associated with food poisoning (vomiting, etc.). When I returned to the stage after one of these episodes, I was told the show had to end because of the police. Apparently, there had been a riot outside of the club by fans who could not get in (the show was sold out). For this reason, the police demanded that the concert end immediately. Anyway, the fans had begun chanting my name, so I figured I would try and explain the situation about why I left the stage twice during the concert, and also, I could mention the problem with the authorities. I know a little Spanish, so I here is what I said: ‘Hola. Por la primera, necesito decir lo siento. Estoy enfermo hoy. Me duele el estomago mucho. Tambien, la autoridad ha dicho ‘no mas.’ Lo siento, muchas gracias.’ What I was trying to say was: ‘Hello, First, I need to say I am sorry. I am sick today. My stomach is very sick. Also, the authorities have said ‘no more.’ I am sorry. Thank you.’ This was obviously a mistake for me to try and explain the situation, as many people didn’t fully understand and assumed we were cancelling due to my illness, which was not true. I was ready to continue playing, and even if I wasn’t, the others would have continued without me. I really wish the local promoter would have come to the stage to explain what was happening to the audience. It is very frustrating to see our fans be angry with us over something that is not our fault.

“OK, I hope this helps all of our Colombian fans better understand this lousy situation. We are very sorry that the concert had to be cut short due to this police intervention. I am also sorry I was not able to communicate more clearly what was happening to the audience, but I did the best I could. Really, that job should have been handled by the concert promoter, or by somebody else fluent in Spanish, not somebody in the band.

“Also, for anybody who is interested, I am feeling a little better, although I have not eaten in two days.”

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