Can The Stereophonics Break America?

Lyndsey Parker of interviewed ’ Kelly Jones to discuss their plans to become popular in the U.S. Asked about the band’s chances of following the success of Coldplay in making it in America, Jones responded, “Well, everybody always said when ‘Performance & Cocktails’ came out that it would work in America, because we’re influenced by just as many American artists as British artists–if not more. But if you haven’t got the right people pushing your stuff, then you’re never going to get all those breaks. When bands like the Black Crowes are getting dropped but Blink 182 are on the radio, then I think there’s something fu**ing wrong in the music business! So whether it’s down to our people or the feel of what’s going on in America, I don’t know. You just gotta keep on doing it…” The full story at has since been removed.

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