Camp Fredddy Playing Benefit For Hurrican Katrina Victims

and Doheny guitarist Billy Morrison has posted a message announcing a special Camp Freddy show with funds going to victims of Hurricane Katrina. “I don’t have the words to express my utter disbelief at what has happened in the southern states over the last few days,” Morrison writes. “The city of New Orleans (one of my favorite places in America and home to quite a few friends) has literally been wiped out. The force of nature and the resulting chaos that has ensued is being hailed as the single worst natural disaster ever to have hit the USA. The shots on the news of the water and the damage and the looting just leave me stunned. I beg all of you to spare a few minutes each day and put these poor people in your prayers.”

“Camp Freddy will be making the Key Club show on Thursday, September 29 a charity show, with all the proceeds being donated to the American Red Cross New Orleans disaster fund. Tickets will be priced at $15 (I know some of you already have the $10 ticket. We changed the price when we decided to make this a benefit as every dollar counts. Fear not — those of you who got in early will have the opportunity to donate an extra few bucks if you choose. But it will not be mandatory). We have already sold a lot of tickets for this show and the ads haven’t run yet. So it’s a good sign. I think it will be a great night, and it will sell out, so get your tickets and do something to help.”

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