Bush’s War In Iraq Is A Criminal Act Says Morello

Tom Morello tells Undrecover.com.au that believes that the current antics of the Bush administration are nothing more than a crime sees an increased danger in what he thinks is America’s plan to “clean up the world.” The Audioslave guitarist says, “It is really a crime what the Bush administration is up to. I think it is a criminal war and while I am tremendously supportive of the young American men and women who are over there, who have been ordered to go over there and fight, I wish every one of them is able to come home safely to their families. The fact that, over the objections of the entire world basically, the U.S. has gone and invaded and taken over Iraq. It is really a crime. We continue to speak out against it over here and try to diffuse as much democracy and dissent and to at least remind our leaders that those are American values as well that need to be preserved. [Bush’s] is a foreign policy that can be stated very simply and that is ‘Makes Right’ (laughs). There are millions of Americans we are against that foreign policy and that are against the Bush administration but they seem to be absolutely oblivious to the democratic urges in their own country, let alone those overseas.”

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