Burn Your Life Down ‘Don’t Try’ EP Available Now

Burn Your Life Down 'Don't Try'

Panic Records is streaming the new Burn Your Life Down EP ‘Don’t Try’ in its entirety on their Bandcamp page. You can listen to the record in full below. The EP is also available exclusively in digital format now through the Panic Records and Glory Kid Limited Bandcamp pages and webstores.

The physical format of the ‘Don’t Try’ EP is due out June 19th and preorders are being taken now at panicrecords.net for this very limited EP of 300 Vinyl Records, encased in a silkscreen package that comes with a silkscreened poster and digital download.

‘Don’t Try’ EP Tracklisting:
1. Who Is Joaquin?
2. The Gamut Of Garters
3. Catilage For Bubble Gum
4. This Must Be Hate (for it ain’t love)
5. Base Woman

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