Built To Spill’s Martsch Discusses Guitar Influences

Built to Spill

frontman Doug Martsch spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about the influence Neil Young and Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis has had on his guitar playing. “Those guys both had a huge effect, especially J,” Martsch admitted to Steve Bell. “Then I realized that he learned his stuff from Neil Young – I didn’t listen to any Neil Young stuff really until I was a Dinosaur Jr fan. [Sonic Youth’s] Thurston Moore is kind of in there too. It kind of has to do with the fact that those guys are technically great – I think J is technically really amazing, and Neil Young is technically a lot better than me – but there is something that they were both doing that didn’t have anything to do with being technical, it had to do with just the way they were hearing it. There were just a lot of things that I learned from them about just feeling your way through a song, instead of making specific notes.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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