Built To Spill Frontman Bounces Back From Eye Injury

Built to Spill frontman Doug Martsch tells Seattle Weekly he didn’t think much of it when he sustained an eye injury earlier this year during a pickup basketball game. An eventual trip to a physician, however, revealed he’d suffered a detached retina, and the prognosis was not good. “When the doctor first saw it, he was like, ‘Well, we should at least attempt surgery,’ but he didn’t think it was gonna work out,” Martsch says over the phone from his home in Boise, Idaho. “They were pretty sure I was gonna be blind in that eye.” Though he’s now still dealing with double vision and a scar on his retina that likely will never go away, he says that in some strange way, he’s grateful the injury occurred. “Now I go to bed thinking about music again,” he said. “After this thing, I’ve really kinda been put back on my right course.” Read more.

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