Broke Courtney Love Considers Reality Show

Star magazine reports that was overheard complaining at the Aroma café in Santa Monica that her mansion in Olympia, Washington is in foreclosure became she forgot to make payments on the home for three years. “Someone’s always ripping me off,” the former Hole singer complained. “I’m going broke, and I need work, pronto. Maybe I could get my own reality show – I’d call it ‘Fat Rock Star’!”

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2 thoughts on “Broke Courtney Love Considers Reality Show

  1. keith says:

    Her mansion in OLYMPIA! HA HA LOL!!! What a LIE its not a mansion its a old run down shack!! I live less than 1 mile away from it and there is no way I would trade my house and land for it! Mine is way nicer and I am not rich! Sorry but this is just not true the place is small run down old and not worth anything close to the over 300,000 owed on it. She is better off without a doubt to let that one go back to the bank!

  2. keith says:

    Also the bank tried to sell it but they didn’t get a single interested buyer. I have not looked lately but I think its still setting there vacant if your interested but its not worth anything close to what is owed. And it is BY NO MEANS a Mansion just a old house that appears to need lots of dollars worth of fixing.

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