Britney Spears Calls Fred Durst ‘Desperate’

Britney Spears spoke to Rolling Stone magazine about her alleged fling with Fred Durst of , which she has consistently denied ever happened. “That’s my bad for just associating myself with people like that,” she said of the alleged hook-up. “We had two days of working together. We went out one night somewhere. And I’m dating the guy now. It was news to me. So [sighs], I don’t know [laughs]. I’m not doing so good with the relationships.” When asked if it was a surprise to hear Durst talking about her on The Howard Stern Show, she said, “I’m really embarrassed, like I said, for associating myself with him. Honestly, I believe everyone at their core has a good heart. But something must be going on for someone to be that desperate to go on a show and talk about a girl, about someone you don’t really know that well. That is, like, morally… I’m really surprised at people. Like, holy sh**, man.”

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