Britney Explains Her Side In Fred Durst Linkup

Britney Spears did a tell-all interview with The Sun where she responded to the talk that had her linked to frontman Fred Durst — talk fueled mostly by Durst himself in online postings about Spears. “Fred and I worked together for a couple of days. Justin and I had broken up and we’d go out at night and we’d see each other,” she explained. “He started sending me letters and stuff, which is very sweet. I thought he was a cool guy but that’s as far as it went. Then I went on a show and said we hadn’t been together like that. Fred started saying, ‘Oh, she’s lying.’ It was very weird. Then he went on Howard Stern’s show and my mum had to listen to this stuff. I left a message telling him, ‘We have to talk. I wish you’d stop saying things about me that aren’t true.’ He never called me back, of course. But it’s made me such a strong girl. You can’t let it bother you.”

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