Brides’ LeGrand Comments On Toronto Cancellation

Brides of Destruction frontman London LeGrand has posted the following message in the “Diary” section of the band’s official web site: “People, there was talk earlier that day we would not be entering Canada because of their government not being understanding enough to realize human beings are only just that…human beings. And because of this, sometimes mistakes are made. Apparently, their officials or whoever thinks they are high and mighty enough to enforce such regulations must be free from all mistakes in life themselves. I mean, no one can possibly have such expectations of someone unless they were anything but, now could they. Nah…you’d have to be a fu**ing a**hole for that right? And authoritative figures throughout time have never been known for not being understanding, abusing their power, manipulating the sh** out of us all, or being a**holes right? Nah… of course not! And we’ve never had our rights taken away from us one by one, backed by some ‘make the rules up as you go’ lame-ass justification as an excuse that ON TOP OF IT IS PROBABLY NOT EVEN THEIR OWN WORDS, BUT WORDS RATHER FROM THEIR ADVISORS… So not only we get ripped of but get ripped off synthetically…A lie that is less than a lie, a rip-off on the rip-offs. Yeah… we’re supposed to take this sh** day to day and never crack, never make a mistake, or should I say stand up for ourselves and cross the road without our hand being held as an adult. You know… to be what we are born with the right to be, a little animalistic, a little un-caged, and I think I am short changing us by saying a little. I guess the patrol disagrees and HATH no skeletons.”

“So with this I want our fans in Canada to know, we did make the effort, all the way to the end. I guess the Mounties are just a little too brainwashed to feel some compassion…but a person is only what they’ve been trained to be. We are all born un-judgmental, and we all prosper from everyone, whether it is from not wanting to be like someone in hopes to stop a cycle of narrow-mindedness, which is what I believe is the root of suppression, or wanting to be like someone in hopes tomorrow will be a better day for us all.

“Philadelphia, thank you so much for your support on that moody day. Canada, don’t be surprised if we pull up to the border in the near future with generators and a flat bed truck to make up for your inconvenience this time. Who knows, maybe the Canadian bacon will keep their hand cuffs off long enough to realize progression is oxygen for progression. And if they walked every second of everyday since birth in the shoes of every man’s life that has been a part of this show so far, from the managers, roadies, soundman, drivers, merch. managers, to every band member from every band that has been busting ass every night since the Honeymoon [tour] started, there is a chance they could be a whole hell of a lot worse than what their self-righteous selves have had the gall to decide what needs to be burned at the stake. With that said I leave you with this … MAYBE DUDLEY DO RIGHT WOULDN’T BE HOLDING HIS HEAD SO HIGH RIGHT NOW IF SAINT BERNARDS COULD TALK. (I wonder what really goes on in those woods…poor dog, rescue mission my ass, more like dog- eat- dog FOR REALS!)

“Brides’ fans rock…live and let live…genocide homicide…love ya… London”

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