Bret Michaels Gives Blessing To Pamela & Kid Rock

Jeff Niesel of the Cleveland Free Times chatted with frontman Bret Michaels who shared his thoughts on the recently engaged and Pamela Anderson. Michaels had dated Pam during her ‘Baywatch’ days and fought with Anderson to block the sale of a porn tape featuring the two. “Hey, I hope it works out,” he revealed. “I broke her into the whole scene. I had to take her to Metallica and Aerosmith and play the music for her to get her all fired up. We were going down to Aerosmith, and [she’s] like, ‘I don’t know any of these songs.’ I’m like ‘Well, let me educate you real quick on Aerosmith. They’re awesome. Once you see this, you’re gonna be hooked.’ And we went down there, and I took her to see Metallica, the Stones, Kiss. Ya know, I think I should take the credit for breaking her into the scene.” has since removed the article.

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