Bret Michaels And Wife Expecting Second Child Soon

A posting at Poison frontman ’ official website tells fans, “Yes the rumors are true… Bret and Kristi are excited to announce the pending birth of Jorja Bleu. She is scheduled to make her arrival in May as some of you already know. To those of you who have heard this rumor and already sent congratulations and gifts, thank you so much.” This will be Bret’s second child.

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4 thoughts on “Bret Michaels And Wife Expecting Second Child Soon

  1. cara shaw says:

    Is Kristi Taya from the rock of love bus?

  2. Chopper Biscuit says:

    All day I haven’t been able to stop finding and reading blog entries about Bret Michaels. I’m just thrilled he is alright and everything with his brain ended up working out okay for him. I would have been devastated, as hundreds of thousands of others would have, had something happened to him.

  3. Tequila Hoard says:

    I think about who or if they will get anyone to substitute him on the celebrity apprentice coming right up? It’s really a shame too merely because I know he would’ve won! As you are able to likely see, huge Poison fan here! :-)

  4. Tiffany Anderson says:

    Glad Bret won the apprentice. Big fan of his and I think he deserved it after all he’s been through.

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