Brandon Flowers Q&A

singer Brandon Flowers spoke with The Sun’s Something For The Week in a Q&A, where he talked about moving away from the pop synth-orientated their debut ‘Hot Fuss’ had compared to the much bigger sound on their latest effort, ‘Sam’s Town’. “I think people should be excited about ‘Sam’s Town’ because it’s an exciting album,” he said. “I really like that ‘Achtung Baby’ sound by U2 and maybe we’re going that way. But for anyone trying to find a reason not to like it, it’s still us and we’re really proud of it. The change came about because we were listening to different music like Bruce Springsteen and U2. I feel more comfortable with this sound now. I am so excited about it. We’ve been so blessed to have the love that we have in the UK. It’s a country that’s so excited about music.” The full transcript at has since been archived.

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