Boyd Says Song Was Inspired By Brad Pitt’s ‘Stalker’

Jason Boyd of tells Neal Weiss of that the group’s song ‘Stalker’ was partially inspired by Brad Pitt and his stalker Athena Rolando, who was convicted in 1999 for trespassing at the actor’s home. “‘Stalker’ was written a while back, and that song is about our love for the human character,” Boyd said. “While it’s frightening, it’s also humorous to me. It’s just love for all types of characters. I don’t know, I wanted to write a song about a stalker. And one of the parts that inspired me was Brad Pitt had a stalker and I guess they found her asleep in his house on the couch and she had tried on his clothes. While it probably wasn’t funny for Brad Pitt, I thought it was funny. I mean, of course, I’m observing–if it happened to me, it probably wouldn’t be that funny.”

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