Borland Blasts Bullfighters, Talks Eat The Day Frontman

Former Limp Bizkit guitarist writes on his new band Eat The Day’s website on Sunday: “Scott bought some food, Greg Watched some TV, I am writiing a meaningless update, and ——- is taking care of some other business on this Sunday afternoon. Practice is at 8:00. Auditioning bass players will commence this week. Igloos are cold. I also hope that everyone who rides bulls in rodeos gets impaled on the horns of the creature they are abusing. I also wish death to bullfighters everywhere, and all those di**s who do the running from the bulls thing. I am not a vegetarian, and I am not against killing animals for food, but come on people. Oh Yeah, and if you want to know who our new singer is, go pick up the latest issue of Revolver Magazine. The beans have been spilled. -Wes”

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