Borders Bans Gene Simmons

KISS star tells Cindy Adams of The New York Post that he’s been banned from making appearances at Borders Bookstores. Borders says it’s because the events were all too wild, raunchy and vulgar. “My fault women come in and lift their tops or stick their butts in my face for me to autograph? The book’s ‘Sex, Money, Kiss’ not the New Testament. The title I really wanted was, ‘Women Are From Mars, Men Have Penises’,” Simmons explained. “See, bookstores are quiet places. The first word you learn there is ‘Ssshhh.’ They’re not equipped for a party atmosphere. My fans aren’t swinging from chandeliers, but they’re enthusiastic and often in cleavage. And I give them my all. I take photos with them, don’t take bathroom breaks, and I stay for hours until the very last person.”

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