Bono Weclomes Helena Christensen To Dublin has photos of frontman Bono welcoming supermodel Helena Christensen into Dublin on Wednesday night (January 22) as both appeared at the BT Fashion Show. Check out photos of the pair here.

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One thought on “Bono Weclomes Helena Christensen To Dublin

  1. Andy says:

    He was welcoming her to a lot more than Dublin, after all Ali wouldn’t mind.
    It’s well known that Helena Christensen is bi-sexual, and the stories about Bono’s drug fueled three in a bed romp with his wife, and Patsy Kensit were reported in the UK press way back in the the early eighties. Patsy was still married to Jim Kerr of “Simple Minds” at the time.
    What a great “mate” Bono must be.

    What scares me is that Bono lives right next door to Enya in Killiney. What a mind boggling image a Bono, Ali, and Enya threesome conjures up.

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