Bono Voted Most Effective Political Activist

Our previous poll asking which modern era rock star do you believe is the most effective political activist had frontman Bono running away with it, getting 70.5% of the votes, and topping ex Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha who had 10.6%. The generic ‘Other’ had 5.7%, while Eddie Vedder of had 5.6%.

Our latest poll asks about the Guns N’ Roses concert debacle in Vancouver on Thursday night. Do you think the GM Place chief who pulled the plug even though Axl’s plane was on the way was to blame? Or do you think Axl Rose should have been their much earlier in the day with his bandmates, knowing that had they let fans in the venue and Axl never did show up, they could have torn apart the entire arena. Or do both parties share equal blame?

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