Bono Steps In For Short On Cash Oprah

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Oprah Winfrey phoned into the Eric Ferguson and Kathy Hart show on WTMX-FM (101.9) when Bono was in studio. Oprah praised Bono’s amazing social conscience and his battle to draw attention to health crises in Africa, and shared a story about their dinner Tuesday night. On their way to the restaurant, Oprah was approached by a homeless man, asking for $20. Oprah reached in her pocket and found she only had five bucks. “Since I knew where I was going [around the corner from her apartment], I didn’t bring any cash,” Winfrey told the panhandler. Bono stepped in saying, “No problem, I’ve got it,” and gave the man a $20, who joked about Oprah being short on cash.

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