Bono Speaks With CNN

On Sunday night (May 16), frontman Bono was interviewed by CNN correspondent Carol Lin live from his DATA rally in Philadelphia and launch of the new One Campaign. “Politicians are not afraid of me. Rock stars and student activists, they’re used to us and our placarding, but it’s church folk and soccer moms that the politicians are nervous of,” Bono told Lin. “Now politicians get really nervous when rock stars and student activists start hanging out with rich folk and soccer moms. That’s when they start getting uncomfortable and realize that they’re going to have to dig deeper. And by the way, there is a will to dig deeper in the United States Congress. I’m amazed across both sides of the aisle. People are waking up to the fact that, you know, there is a war against terror and it’s an expensive war to fight, but the war against poverty is necessary in the fight against — to win in the fight against terror.”

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