Bono Sings For Shirley Manson

Garbage has been opening for on their current tour and Shirley Manson had great things to say about the group on her December 2 diary update saying, “The incredible thing about U2 is this:
They are not in the least bit NASTY.
They’re kind, intelligent,funny and down to earth human beings who also happen to retain that aura you want from rockstars.. that quality that sets them slightly apart yet does not distance them from the common man… still be capable of creating MAGIC… an alternative universe to the one down here.” Shirley also shared a funny moment when she was inside the band’s “Heart” saying she “nearly died of a mixture of embarassment and delight when Bono spotted me three or four songs in, lay down and sang the middle break of ‘The End of the World’ right there infront of me. I just about swooned into a happy death right there and then.”

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