Bono Recounts Pope Meeting

After ’s performance on the Tonight Show Thursday night, Bono spoke briefly with Jay Leno about meeting the Pope where he exchanged his fly sunglasses for a set of rosary beads. Read on for a transcript.

>> Hello. How are you? For having us.

>> Jay: All right. Have a seat. That was terrific.

[ Cheers and applause ] Have a seat. Well, happy thanksgiving.

>> Yes.

>> Jay: I realize you’re one of our coalition partners. So we —

>> We have the guinness boat.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Is this thanksgiving something new to you? Obviously, you don’t
have it in ireland.

>> No, well, every day without rain is thanksgiving.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Real?

>> So, no, we don’T. We don’t have it. What’s that little drug they
have in turkey that makes everyone go to sleep? We just do that once a

>> Jay: Oh, crack, crack.

[ Laughter ]

>> They said I’d have crack in the turkey over here.

>> Jay: No, no.

>> Jay: How is the tour going? The tour is going well?

>> Yes, I is an amazing time to be on tour in the united states. And
we, you know, september 11th came around, we were even more determined
to come here and put our tickets on sale, and they went out the door, and
we’re very, very proud. It’s a lot of energy. A lot of excitement in america
right now.

>> You know, I think this is excitement that can be used, you know,
to make the world a better, fairer place. That’s what I’m excited about.
Not just the pursuit of justice which these brave men are taking on, but
there’s another issue.

[ Cheers ] I guess, you know, it’s — it’s an amazing thing that america
is doing right now, and it doesn’t — you don’t have to be henry kissinger
to figure out, you know, that a more prosperous world is a more secure
world, and a more educated world is a more tolerant worl and a more healthy
world is a more stable world, and that would be, to me, the fitting memorial
to those that lost their lives on september 11th, you know?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Now, I know you met with the pope recently. Now, what was that
like? Did you guys hang out? I mean, what did you do? How does that work?

>> He has some really cool footwear I can tell you. Oxford loafers.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah, I always — sort of, catholicism is the glam rock of religion.

>> Jay: Really?

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah, he got everything.

>> Jay: I never heard that.

>> Yeah, and actually I — he gave me — we swapped rosary beads. He
gave me these rosary beads.

>> Jay: Really? These are for the pope?

>> For a pair of my fly shades.

[ Laughter ] Honestly.

>> Jay: Come one. No, really. Now did he put them on?

>> He did.

[ Laughter ] This is an amazing — this was an amazing moment for all
of us gathered, actually. I just said to him, “I know you’re a very —
you’re a holy man, but I know you are a showman.” And noticed him spotting
the fly shades as I was walking up to him, so I just veve them to him,
and he put them on, and he made this kind of wicked smile. The cameras
flashed, and I thought, “we’re on the front page of every newspaper for
the work we’re doing in africa. This is great.” But actually, the people
in the vatican didn’t quite have the same —

>> Jay: Couldn’t take to the —

>> So it’s never been seen, and maybe one day, but it was very moving
to be in his presence.

>> Jay: Yeah, and I’m sure he has a wicked smile.

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