Bono Pushes For Daniel Day-Lewis Oscar Win

frontman Bono is pushing for Daniel Day-Lewis to win the Oscar for Best Actor in his role in ‘Gangs of New York’, especially after his loss at the Golden Globes to Jack Nicholson. Bono, who won the best original song award for ‘The Hands That Built America’ in ‘Gangs’ said, “This is nothing to knock Jack Nicholson, who did an amazing job and is a wonderful actor, but he’s got a bunch of Oscars. Now he’s got the Golden Globe. And Daniel deserves it for Gangs of New York. He’s incredible. You can’t deny it!” Bono added, “You see Jack up on stage and you know he loves the whole process. Daniel probably comes across as reticent. But believe me, he wants it too.” Read more.

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