Bono Discusses Disease, Poverty & Hunger

frontman Bono talked about his ONE campaign and politics with CNN’s John Roberts. In wake of the U.S. bank rescue plan being negotiated, Bono was asked what he could do with $700 billion? “We wouldn’t be asking for that kind of money. These are serious matters, people have lost their jobs,” Bono answered. “But I think the bill for the whole world – so America would be like a third of it – for $25 billion you could absolutely change the world. You could put kids in school, most kids in school. You could eradicate diseases like malaria, as we’re saying. We could change the water supplies. But what’s important is that people who want to change the world, want to see their country, they see it as a patriotic act to show the world innovation of America, technology of America, pharmacology of America.” Check out a transcript at Video of the interview at has since been removed.

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