Bono And The Edge Tempt Fate With Armed Robber

The Mirror reports frontman Bono has told how they were confronted by armed robbers in Germany and didn’t even know it. “We’d been to see Goodfellas and had a load of drivers with us because we’re posh fu**-off rock stars,” Bono explained. “One driver was so traumatised by the film he forgot to get the car so we went back to get it. Then a guy walks up with a gun. I turned round and just said, fu** off. He kind of looked at me, but me and Edge just kept on walking and talking. We looked back and he just went, ‘pow,’ and shot the gun down an alley.” Bono added that an hour later “Edge looked at me and said, ‘were we nearly mugged there?’ That’s when you start shaking! We got a bit freaked.”

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