Bon Jovi Surprise Carson, Recreating Mariah Moment

Jon and Ritchie Sambora stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday in a big surprise. Carson Daly, who was hosting, joked, “Bon Jovi just stopped by, apparently unannounced too. Let me tell ya, I was on my way to No. 2. Let me say I hope everything is okay with you two because the last artist to surprise me on this show was Mariah, and we know what happened with her.” The two laughed and Carson added, “There is no ice cream in sight.” Then Jon started taking off his shirt to attempt to re-create the scene. We’ll probably find out from the TRL Diary that their visit caused chaos, since they had promo’d Madonna’s phone in all week, and Bon Jovi coming by to shamelessly plug their new album, after Jon had already been on a few days ago, probably upset some of the show’s staff.

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