Bon Jovi Release America The Beautiful

The website has the MP3 for the America the Beautiful song that Jon and Ritchie Sambora recorded recently in an effort to raise funds for The beginning of the song includes a message from Jon asking people listening to donate to the relief effort.

“Hi, this is Jon Bon Jovi. In light of the tragic events of September 11, we’ve all tried to do something, anything, to help the recovery efforts that have affected so many families here in our area.

“We gave blood, made sandwiches, donated clothes and money, and we sang. We sang for our country, to our country, as our way of saying we’re one, united. I recorded this with the help of some friends and I hope that you’ll enjoy it. Download it, keep it, save it, play it, be proud of it, and I’ll ask you to do so with your hearts as well as your wallet because I’m asking you to download it and send a donation, anything you can. Just send it to Thank you.”

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