Bon Jovi Provides Blatant Post 9.11 Call To Arms

Bon Jovi 'Bounce'

David Browne of Entertainment Weekly reviewed ’s new album ‘Bounce’, which was released on Tuesday. Browne gave the disc a C saying, “‘Bounce’ is, to quote a portentous statement issued by the band’s label, ‘a complete body of music, rather than a collection of singles’ and ‘a complete work of art.’ Yes, Bon Jovi too have been motivated by recent world events and have decided to set them to music, much like the class screwup who wants to prove to the teacher that he can complete his homework assignment, if pressed. ‘Undivided’ and ‘Bounce’ are blatant post-Sept. 11 calls to arms, with ham-fisted lyrics that make Springsteen’s touch seem even more deft.” Read more.

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