Blur Get Free Recording In Morocco

While the idea of three posh Brits suddenly plunked in the Moroccan desert is an intriguing one, the results on ‘Think Tank’ aren’t always as extravagant or exotic as you might hope for. To hear bassist Alex James tell it, though, the process was as important as anything. “It’s just about getting free. You’ve got to get to the little bit of you that hasn’t been boiled dry,” he told Now Toronto. “You’ve got to get that freedom, whether it’s by getting smashed or falling in love or going to Morocco. You have the illusion of travel when you’re in a band, but I’m about the same distance from a Starbucks today that I was yesterday. We wanted to cancel that out, so we created our own environment. We built a studio in the desert and were in command of things. We could record toy instruments through a million dollars’ worth of equipment in a derelict barn in the middle of sand and no one would question it.” Read more.

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