Blue Says Deadsy Isn’t Cursed

Andrew Lentz of LA Weekly spoke with frontman P. Exeter Blue I, a.k.a. Elijah Blue, who says he doesn’t think his band is cursed, despite the trouble they had getting ‘Commencement’ released. “In no way do I think that the band is cursed,” he insisted. “I don’t view my life that way. Even my worst day is pretty good. During all that time [when the album was shelved], I was traveling in Europe, studying — my life has been good. I think people weren’t ready for us anyway. I don’t mean it was over their heads, but just that they wouldn’t have been used to it. Look at people’s attention spans, getting smaller and smaller. It used to be bands created a world inside their music. Look at how Led Zeppelin were inspired by Tolkien. A truly progressive rock just doesn’t exist anymore. We’re gonna change that.”

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