Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld Launches Shared Parenting Support Site

Justin Furstenfeld and his bandmates in the rock grop Blue October

frontman Justin Furstenfeld has launched a new website in support of a cause near and dear to his heart. is a place for fathers, mothers and children who have dealt, or are dealing with, the issues of shared parenting and child custody to find their voice and speak their mind. The goal of the site is to provide a positive and uplifting platform and support group for anyone who has dealt with the life-altering act of divorce and losing the ability to be with your child or parent on a daily basis. The site allows anyone to upload a photo of themselves or a message they wish to send to their loved one. The site uses LiveShare to stream the photos and allows members to interact and comment as well. The site links to other resources for anyone who has questions or needs more info dealing with this situation. Furstenfeld was moved to start this site because of his painful experience with his own ongoing divorce and struggle to remain an active part of his daughter’s life, something that has become the topic of his band’s latest release, ‘Any Man In America’.

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