Blonde Redhead Aren’t Trying To Be Hard To Understand

Spencer Patterson of Las Vegas Weekly posed three questions to Kazu Makino of , including whether the New York indie rock act’s latest album ’23’ would edge the band toward a larger listening base. “I’ve stopped trusting myself in that aspect, because since, maybe, the second album [‘La Mia Vita Violenta’] I’ve always thought we made the most accessible record [laughs], but nobody ever agreed with me,” the singer said. “So I think my judgment is totally crooked. I’ve always thought, ‘I could hear this in the supermarket or in an elevator,’ and people will be like, ‘What? You’re so out there.’ But that’s how I feel about it. We’re certainly not trying to play music that’s hard to understand or experimental. I want to be really genuine.” The transcript at has since been removed.

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