Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus On TRL Wednesday

Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to talk with Carson Daly and John Norris. Hoppus talked about how they were being filmed last year at this time wrapping up their video, and how they watched the events of September 11, 2001 unfold on television. Mark also talked about being a father now calling his baby boy “the best thing in the world.” Read on for a transcript.

Carson: There is U2’s “walk on” on the phone Mark from blink 182
I’m with John Norris live on TRL. We remember, a special today no top 10
or anything. Asking kids across the country to call in and get an idea
what’s going on with them. We appreciate you takin’ the time. I haven’t
talked to you in a long time but congratulations on being a father.

Mark: Thank you, thanks a lot.

Carson: A baby boy how he is.

Mark: The best thing in the world, really cool. He stays up at least
until four o’clock in the morning every night.

Carson: Right A.Good thing or bad thing, I don’t know.

Mark: A good thing.

Carson: ‘Cause you are always up then anyway obviously being a father
on a day like today there must be moments you sit there and look at your
brand-new son, a rock star thinking wow I’m bringing my son into a world
that is much different tell me about that.

Mark: Yeah, it’s really weird. The past 12 months have been such a wide
range of emotion from you know 9-11 last year and the feeling of loss and
hopelessness and just kinda dread that hung over for so long then the birth
of our kid and just seeing the hope of the future, you know, in a young
child it’s kinda cool you know it’s like, as depressed as I am today but
what happened last year, you know and I look at my son I go there is hope
for the future.

John: Mark it is john. I wonder in the wake of-11 liz year I remember
all the footage of you guys workin’ on a video.

Mark: Right.

John: This surreal scene of you watching the television seeing whats
what happening in new york shooting the video. How you remember that now
like a year later, a different perspective?

Mark: It was the strangest day, t the weirdest day because we were shooting
this video as all the stuff was going on and got a call first thing in
the morning going my god turn on the T.V. Something bad happened in new
york. We turn it owner and all the stuff is going on. We were pretty much
done with the video and had a few tongs do so we spent the whole day in
a tour bus watching the news trying to figure out what was going on and
waundz was going on and at the same time, you know, whatever they would
set up a shot and go, okay come out and do this take. We don’t know, you
know, we walked out to do a take but we were just zombies at that point
there was so much information, nobody really know what was going on just
this confusion in the world it was just t strangest day. I — like it didn’t
really even happen like living in a dream.

Carson: Mark are you at home right now.

Mark: I am.

Carson: Have you gone out of your house today.

Mark: No I have not.

Carson: What have he been doing watching the coverage.

Mark: Langing out with my wife and baby. I don’t know I woke up this
morning and looked at my cell phone and it has the date and the date said-11
obviously and just seeing those numbers together just kinda depressed me
and whatever so I haven’t really left the husband.

Carson: Sounds like you are in good company our best to sky and your
baby boy, too.

Mark: Thanks.

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