Blink-182 Phoenix Show Ripped As Sophomoric

blink-182 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket'

Charlie Pabst of the Arizona Central reviewed the Pop Disaster tour stop in Phoenix on Friday, saying only two of the three performances were any good. Pabst said of headliners Blink 182, “When Blink 182 took the stage a little after 10 p.m, it was obvious who the young crowd was there to see. What they heard is up to debate — the vocals were often drowned out by the accompanying guitars and drums. The audience didn’t seem to mind; they seemed to be more interested in Blink’s signature sophomoric, vulgar humor.” Pabst added of their ‘Adam’s Song’ performance, “The suicide-themed lyrics included the line, ‘Please tell Mom it’s all her fault,’ as opposed to the album’s version: ‘Please tell Mom it’s not her fault.’ Blink, grow up.” has since removed the article.

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