Blessed By A Burden Give Tyler The Creator A Thumbs Down

Blessed by a Burden

Blessed by a Burden checked in with their Facebook fans on Monday (August 29), after watching the MTV Video Music Awards the previous night. The Las Vegas alternative metal band, who are set to release their Standby Records debut EP ‘Addiction’ on September 13th, weren’t impressed with the VMA winner for Best New Artist at the event. They write:

Any likes/dislikes on the VMA’s? We’ll start! Like: Our label-mates Black Veil Brides crashed the show and brought some rock to mix in.

Dislike: This ‘Tyler the Creator’ should learn how to talk like an adult and not cuss every other word.

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One thought on “Blessed By A Burden Give Tyler The Creator A Thumbs Down

  1. Cynthia Willis says:

    Blessed by a Burden is fu**ing amazing!! I love them :)

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