Black Sabbath Drummer Blasts John Lennon Killer Movie

drummer Bill Ward is blasting the upcoming film ‘Chapter 27’, which casts Jared Leto as Mark David Chapman, the killer of Beatles legend John Lennon. “Just got the sh** news that there’s going to be a movie about the asshole who shot John Lennon,” Ward writes. “As a Lennon fan [and] admirer, I can’t believe that this film is coming out on general release. I object completely that we have available to us a movie about a guy who robbed millions of people of so much, who stamped out a brilliant mind, and who broke apart a family. When John Lennon died, my heart broke, and I’ve never gotten over his death, and I know that millions of other people got hurt also. Whoever is responsible for this movie, the money, the producers, the cast, the music, I fail to see how you can participate in anything that could bring more infamy to an already infamous murderer, robber and pain-bringer. I curse this movie, and hope that it rots in hell. I hope it’s an utter failure. For me personally, it feels like another kick in the balls. It still hurts. He’s been dead now for awhile, but it still hurts. This movie can only open up old wounds. For the sake of what? Truth? I think not.”

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